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5-axis milling machine

The MPS-5m 5-axis milling machine is designed to provide maximum accuracy and efficiency in a wide range of machining applications. It features simple controls, robust construction and a wide range of customizable settings.


  • Solid machine body made of UHPC

  • highly dynamic

  • Precise

  • Minimum set-up dimensions

  • 36-80x tool magazine

  • Retractable 3D touch probe

  • Direct displacement measurement - glass scales

Technical data basic equipment

  • Max. machining path X axis 

  • Max. machining path Y-axis

  • Max. machining path Z-axis

  • Max. workpiece dimensions 5-axis

  • Max. table load

  • tool change

  • Retractable 3D touch probe

  • Direct displacement measurement system




approx. 100x100x100mm



5-Axis CNC Milling Machine

Control  &  Software

  • Modern Ethernet control

  • High precision servo system 1,280,000 increments

  • Win10 PC system

5-Achs Holz Frästeil
5-Achs Fräse für Aluminium
5-Achs Fräse Industrie

5-axis Editing with Rotary - swivel table

With the help of our rotary swivel table, 5-axis machining can be realized. The system can be integrated into a 3-axis milling machine. 

This means that a 3-axis machine can be converted into a 5-axis machine very individually and easily. 

Backlash-free and rigid shaft gears are used for optimum repeatability and stability. In addition, these move

high-resolution AC servo drives move. The 5-axis unit can be optimally used with a mini-centric clamp. 


Depending on the design of the CAM system, the angles of attack can be positioned for each milling process or simultaneously.

Kunststoff Frästeil von 5-Achs Fräsmaschine
5-Achs Bearbeitung

Rotary - swivel table of 5-axis milling machine MPS-5m

5-Achs Drehtisch für MPS-5m

Price of 5-axis milling machine- Upon request.

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