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      CNC milling machines from
          Abel Technologies

CNC milling machines manufacturer Abel Technologies from Bavaria.
HSC - high-speed CNC milling machines, portal milling machines.


CNC Maschine
CNC Portalfräse

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Ihre Vorteile auf einen Blick:

  • Maximale Präzision: Für perfekte Ergebnisse bei jeder Anwendung.

  • Robuste Bauweise: Entwickelt für den dauerhaften Einsatz.

  • Modernste Technologie: Zukunftssichere Lösungen für Ihre Fertigung.

Warum jetzt bestellen?

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Small, compact CNC 3-axis and 5-axis milling machine


Different CNC machine models for a variety of applications are available. They can be used very economically in many sectors because our machines have some special properties. 

CNC milling machine for industry, trade, schools, training.

  • Precise on the entire machining surface

  • highly dynamic 

  • very flexible to use

  • high-frequency spindle up to 60,000rpm

  • digital high resolution AC servo drives

  • backlash-free mechanics

  • stable mineral cast body

  • little installation space with a large processing area

  • up to 80x tool storage

  • CAD/CAM interface

CNC Fräse für Aluminium

CNC milling machine for aluminum, plastic, brass, foam, copper, graphite and other non-ferrous metals 


Highly dynamic machining of non-ferrous metals and plastics at high speeds and single-edged milling cutters allow parts to be machined and manufactured in a very advantageous and economical manner. This does not require an industrial hall with a special foundation or a high ceiling. In addition, the use of the machine is easy to learn. 


We support you across the entire range of production!

High speed cutting CNC milling machine

The specially developed High Speed Cutting CNC milling machine for the high-speed range with outstanding properties such as precision, dynamics, rigidity and reliability.  Perfect base body made of high-performance concrete (UHPC) and high-quality components create a coordinated overall concept that starts with the CAD/CAM software and ends with a workpiece.

Brief overview of our company 

CNC Portalfräse HSC

CNC milling machine for prototyping, mold making,

Dental technology, watch industry and much more..



  • prototyping

  • automotive industry

  • jewelry industry

  • watch industry

  • signmaking

  • booth construction

  • tool development

  • dental technology

  • eyewear industry

  • mold making

  • ... and much more ...

Because of the wide range of possible applications, there is also a wide range of users. Not everyone is a trained machinist - or a specialist in the field of machining. That is why our milling machines are very easy to operate.

A very good CAD/CAM interface offers the user a variety of different milling strategies and optimal tool management. A first milling result no longer requires weeks of training! 

Preiswerte CNC Aluminium Mineralguss
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