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About CNC Machines Manufacturer 
ABEL Technologies

Constant motivation and enthusiasm for technology

In order to understand the company, we have to look further back into the past.  As a technically savvy person, one has always been enthusiastic about machines of all kinds. So people began to build the first "small" CNC machines in their youth and use them to produce simple parts.

The technical contact to automation and robotic systems was continuously strengthened through professional training and further education. Due to the constantly growing demand for production components, the company ABEL Technologies was founded in Vilshofen an der Donau in 2017. In addition, at the same time, machine types for personal use were developed and built, which were continuously tested up to the market launch. 

We are open to all ideas from our customers and interested companies.








Founding of ABEL Technologies

  • Series/order production

  • Development of UHPC casting technologies

  • Development of MPS-3s machine for in-house production

  • Series/order production

  • Launch machine MPS-3s

  • Development machine MPS-3m for own use

  • Series/order production

  • Launch of machine MPS-3m

  • Development of independent user interface 

  • Series/order production

  • Mechanical engineering in series concept

  • Series/order production

  • Development MPS-3l for personal use

  • Development 4th / 5th axis 

  • Gründung ABEL Technologies GmbH 

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