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General terms and conditions - technical data - guarantee

Warranty Policy

  • It is at the discretion of ABEL Technologies, whether the guarantee will be fulfilled by repairing or replacing the device or the defective part. Further claims are excluded. Replaced parts become the property of ABEL Technologies.

  • The warranty and guarantee period is 12 months for all machine components except for wearing parts, but a maximum of 2000 machine operating hours under the nominal conditions from the date of delivery.  The warranty and guarantee period for wearing parts is 6 months._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

  • Guarantee repairs must be carried out by ABEL Technologies. There is no entitlement to reimbursement for repairs carried out by unauthorized persons or companies, since such repairs and damage that may result from the device are not covered by this warranty.  Was this done by If the nameplate attached to ABEL Technologies is removed or damaged, the guarantee becomes void.

  • If the device is to be operated in a country other than that for which it was originally developed and produced, it may be necessary to make modifications to the device in order to adapt it to the technical and/or safety standards of that other country. Such changes are not due to defects in material or workmanship of the device and are not covered by this warranty. The costs for such changes and any damage caused to the device as a result will not be reimbursed. 

  • The following are excluded from the guarantee obligation:1.Maintenance and periodic inspections and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear. 2.Abuse and misuse of the device and incorrect installation.3.Transport and travel costs as well as costs incurred by assembling and dismantling the device.4.Damage caused by lightning, water, fire, force majeure, war, incorrect mains voltage, insufficient ventilation or other reasons for which ABEL Technologies is not responsible.5.Impairment by other devices, eg by electromagnetic radiation.6.Minor deviations from the target condition that are irrelevant to the value and usability of the device.

  • Further or other claims, in particular claims for compensation outside the device, are excluded.

  • Guarantee services do not result in an extension of the guarantee period, nor do they initiate a new guarantee period. The warranty period for the built-in spare parts ends with the warranty period for the entire device.

  • In exceptional cases, ABEL Technologies can exclude the warranty for a repair. However, this must be agreed with the customer before the order is accepted. 

The information in our brochures contains current descriptions or performance features, which may change due to further development of the products. The descriptions and performance characteristics are only binding if they are expressly agreed in writing upon conclusion of the contract.

All content in our brochures is the property of ABEL Technologies. The content may not be copied or passed on without the written consent of ABEL Technologies.  


ABEL Technologies is a registered trademark of Abel Dominik.   

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