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CNC portal milling machine with tool change and measuring system

The CNC portal milling machine has established itself as a groundbreaking technology in industrial manufacturing. Below we will examine the various aspects of this advanced machine, particularly in relation to its applications in industry and the high-speed machining of metal workpieces, plates and other non-ferrous metals.

Precise, compact CNC milling machine with 3D button and other advantages

CNC Portalfräse
  • Solid machine body made of UHPC

  • highly dynamic

  • Precise

  • Minimum set-up dimensions

  • 36-100x tool magazine

  • Retractable 3D touch probe

  • Direct displacement measurement - glass scales

CNC Portalfräse Metallbearbeitung
Technical data basic equipment
Control  &  Software
  • Max. machining path X axis 

  • Max. machining path Y-axis

  • Max. machining path Z-axis

  • Max. workpiece dimensions 3-axis

  • Max. table load

  • table length

  • table width

  • tool change

  • Retractable 3D touch probe









  • Modern Ethernet control

  • High precision servo system

  • Win10 PC system

  • Machine size:                              approx. 2200 x 1600 mm

  • Weight:                                             approx. 1100 kg 

starting at   95.000€  71.250€       zzgl. 19% Mwst

What is a portal milling machine?

A gantry milling machine is a special type of milling machine that is widely used in the metalworking industry. It belongs to the group of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machines, which means that it is controlled by a computer to carry out precise and automated machining of workpieces. The term "portal" refers to the machine's characteristic design, in which a movable milling head is positioned over a moving portal frame.

Was ist eine Portalfräse

CNC portal milling machine: precision for industry, prototypes, commerce, education and other industries.

Discover the groundbreaking applications of the CNC gantry milling machine, which plays a crucial role in industry, commerce and educational institutions. From aerospace to the automotive industry to medical technology – their exceptional versatility makes them an indispensable component in modern manufacturing.

Industrial, commercial applications


The CNC gantry milling machine plays a key role in the precision manufacturing of aircraft components and space structures. Their ability to machine demanding materials with high precision makes them an indispensable partner for innovation in the aerospace industry.

CNC Portalfräse Industrie

Automotive industry:

In automobile manufacturing, the CNC portal milling machine enables the precise machining of body parts, tools and prototypes. Their speed and accuracy help increase efficiency in production and maximize the quality of the end products.

Prototype construction:

The CNC portal milling machine offers a flexible and efficient solution for companies in the field of design and prototype construction. It enables the rapid production of precise prototypes, which accelerates the innovation process.

CNC portal milling machine for plate processing

This milling machine concept is very well suited for panel processing! With the help of vacuum or other clamping options, flat workpieces can be easily attached to the mineral cast table. 

But higher workpieces can also be machined with a vice. A portal passage of approx. 250mm makes it possible. 

Since the tool change takes place outside the table, the entire table is available for machining. 

Portalfräse Plattenbearbeitung

Automation of CNC machines


The system is modular. This means that a robot system can be docked to the left side of the basic machine, which can change small parts unmanned by "pick & place".

More dates coming soon.

CNC Portalfräse Automation
CNC Portalfräse Industrie
Portalfräse Spannung
CNC Portalfräse Industrie
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