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CNC Fräsmaschine Aluminium

CNC milling machines from ABEL Technologies  

The CNC milling machines were developed by Abel Technologies to provide maximum accuracy and efficiency in a wide range of machining applications. It features simple controls, sturdy construction, and a variety of customizable settings.

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CNC Fräsmaschinen klein und kompakt

CNC milling machines small and compact


Who does not know the problem: A CNC milling machine has to go through a door or the limited ceiling height causes problems? Here was a reaction. The small and compact CNC milling machine MPS-3m  was consistently engineered from the ground up to a 100 cm door is sufficient to get to the destination. This means that restricted space or structurally difficult hurdles do not pose a problem. Despite obstacles, our mini milling machine can be used to mill flexibly, dynamically and precisely. 

CNC milling with  small installation space


Our CNC milling machines offer a modern and efficient production option in the smallest possible space. This expands the production possibilities in almost all industries worldwide.

CNC Fräsmaschine klein
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Mini CNC milling machine for Industry, Education. 


Mini CNC milling machine for industry, educationBusiness and other industries.

The milling machine is ideal for prototypes or small series parts. The machine combines the most important properties that are required for optimal production. 






-Vibration dampening

-Autonomous operation

ABEL Technologies offers you economical manufacturing technology!

  • Precise on the entire machining surface

  • highly dynamic 

  • very flexible to use

  • high-frequency spindle up to 60,000rpm

  • digital high resolution AC servo drives

  • backlash-free mechanics

  • stable mineral cast body

  • little installation space with a large processing area

  • up to 100x tool storage

  • CAD/CAM interface

Werkzeugaufnahme ISO-20

CNC milling machine for aluminium, wood, plastic, brass, copper, graphite and other non-ferrous metals. 

The CNC milling machine is optimal for aluminium, wood and others designed for non-ferrous metalsThis extends from the basic body of the machine, through the axis drives to the spindle speed and acceleration values. Everything is coordinated in such a way that advantageous machining for plastic, wood, aluminium, brass and copper is guaranteed. 

CNC Frästeil Alu

Die Spannmöglichkeiten einer CNC-Fräsmaschine umfassen traditionelle Methoden wie Schraubstöcke sowie moderne Lösungen wie Spannplatten, modulare Systeme und Vakuumspannsysteme. Diese innovative Lösung bietet ein Höchstmaß an Präzision und Flexibilität für Ihre Bearbeitungsprozesse und ist ideal für ein breites Spektrum an industriellen Anwendungen..

Die Spannmöglichkeiten 

Vakuum Platte cnc
Die Spannmöglichkeiten

CNC milling machine with tool change up to 100 memory locations.

CNC Fräse bis zu 100 Werkzeugspeicherplätze

With the CNC milling machine MPS-3m and portal milling machine MPS-3l all tools are permanently stored in the tool change, which are required for the milling process. If necessary, the machining area of the milling machine is left and the tool is exchanged. Due to the large storage volume, even complex components with many different milling cutters can be implemented economically and promptly. 

  • HSK-e25

  • HSK - 32 

  • ISO - 20 

  • ISO 25 

  • BT - 30 

CNC Werkzeugmaschine
Einfach bedienbare CNC Fräsmaschine

Simply operable CNC milling machine


The goal is the CNC milling machine as simple as possible operable on shape. 

Turn off - Medien connect - start.

Everything is installed on and in the milling machine that is required for machining. Like the minimum quantity cooling, which based on ethanol works. 

There is also no need to precisely align the machine! 

The structure is inherently rigid and therefore a ''deformation'' is impossible. 

Tool milling machine with 3D probe.

All CNC tool milling machines from us are equipped with this measuring system to further increase flexibility and user-friendliness.


To measure workpieces in x - y - z direction simply, quickly and easily, there is the integrated 3D probe. It can be extended as required via the operating terminal.


This system helps to significantly optimize the production of individual parts or small batches, as well as testing for dimensional accuracy. The measuring points are visually specified on the operating terminal as various sides, corners and bores.

Werkzeugfräsmaschine mit 3D Taster


The 3D probe is simply positioned by eye at the point to be measured.

Touching the desired measuring point on the operating terminal starts the measuring process.


The zero point of a corner, side or hole can thus be determined very quickly.


A probe with a repeatability of approx. 0.005mm is installed. Different probes can be selected as desired to optimize the application.

3D Probe CNC Milling Machine
3D Probe CNC Machine

Possible measuring points:


Corners and sides outside

Corners and sides inside

Bore -cylinder Outside

Center between 2 sides in X

Center between 2 sides in Y

3D Probe Measuring Points

How to learn to program a CNC machine?

Learning CNC machine programming - it has never been easier!

With a CNC milling machine, material is removed by a machining process (milling). Various materials can be used as raw material.

Especially with ours High speed CNC milling machines (HSC) aluminium, brass, bronze, gold, silver, wood, various plastics, hard foam or graphite are used. As you can see, the scope is huge. From advertising technology to dental or medical prototypes to micro milling or the automotive industry. The machine is therefore designed in such a way that it can also be used by "non-professionals".

The learn to program from our CNC machine very manageable. Our CNC milling machine is also very easy to use. Much can be operated visually and intuitively via the touch display.

G code programming

Because the original G code programming by hand has now become very uneconomical, there are more modern options. There are CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) programs that are required for each manufacturing step.

With the help of CAD, the objects or components are drawn as they should look afterwards. The milling paths, bores, contours, cutting data and other properties are then specified with the CAM software. When everything is ready, a DIN G code is automatically generated by the CAM software. This can then be easily transferred to the machine and read in using a suitable data medium (USB stick).

How much does a CNC milling machine cost? 

The price of one CNC milling machine can depending on sizeprecision performance and spindle type vary greatly. It is important to define in advance exactly what needs the machine should meet in order to find the right model. 

To be exact (price in EUR) best to contact us directly - the german manufacturer Abel Technologies - and request a quote. This way we can best respond to your specific needs and offer you the best price.

Backlash-free and hardened ball screws in various tolerance classes are a key element that must function correctly and reliably. These spindles decide whether the surface finish is good or bad.

CNC Fräsmaschine Kugelgewinde
CNC Fräsmaschine Werkzeugaufnahme

Specially balanced tool holders guarantee optimal concentricity and long tool life. 

Non-contact proximity switches for reliable motion detection and reference mark search. Cables suitable for drag chains and industrial plug connections are used.

Induktiv Sensor von Fräsmaschine
CNC Fräsmaschine Servomotor

Highly dynamic and high-resolution AC servo drives for precise surface quality and very good repeatability. In connection with backlash-free ball screws, the servo drives are another important key element. 

Stable and backlash-free harmonic gears are used in rotary/swivel processes for the Ein use. These are very stable and have a precise positioning accuracy.

Harmonic Drive von CNC Fräse
CNC Fräsmaschine
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